Sunday, February 3, 2013

Lois Richter - USA (1970,1973,2009)


Thank you for providing a place for us to see who all these mailart folks are.

I'm sending you several photos -- feel free to post any or all of them.

First is a mirror image from my college days (~1970) plain & reversed, then my favorite self-portrait (rainbow tie-dye plus a camera!), and finally a 2009 photo taken at the radio station where I host 2 shows (


Lois Richter

"Lapland" AML#255

P.O. Box 7, Davis CA 95617-0007 USA


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ATCer Lois said...

Just a correction on my pictures:
the rainbow tiedye shirt photo (self-portrait in a mirror) is from about 2005,
the 2009 photo of me in the radio station is not a self-portrait, and
the 2 modified heavily black and whites (again in a mirror) are circa 1970.

-- Lois Richter