Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Miguel Jimenez - Zenon - Spain (2008)

A selfportrait by Zenón, Spain

:-#) Saludos de Zenón

Poesia visual y Arte Postal en El Taller de Zenón

Exposición de pinturas de Miguel Jimenez en

Monday, January 28, 2008

Irene Ronchetti - Argentina (2008)

Hi Ruud, here my selfportrait, cheers
Irene Ronchetti, from Buenos Aires

Laura L.M. Dunn - USA (2008)

Hi Ruud - Here I am on the coast of Maine playing with lobster buoys

Your Self-Portrait Blog is a great idea - also your ongoing interview. I had a look at both this morning and I absolutely LOVE the story you tell about the most memorable piece of mailart you have received.

Låur@ LM Dunn (USA)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Jim Hayes - USA (2007)

Selfportrait by Jim Hayes, USA. On a letter from Jim Hayes to Ruud Janssen that crossed the ocean 4 times and now is in Germany. Roland Halbritter gave Jim this Andreas Hofer (see : ) outfit and returns the letter to the USA and sent me this e-mail with photo.

Jeanie Eberhard - USA (2003)

Hi Ruud,
Thanks for all you do!
Here I am... or was in 2003.

Jeanie Eberhardt
PO Box 151
Layton, NJ 07851

Judith Skolnick - USA (2008)

Hi Rudd,
Here is my e-mail picture taken January 2008 with my 2 year old granddaughter Helena, a future mailartist.

Best Wishes,
Judy Skolnick

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kat van Trollebol - Netherlands (2000)

Hallo Ruud,

Volgens mij is het mailtje wat ik vorige week verzonden heb ergens in cyberspace blijven hangen. En de volgende daarna dus schijnbaar ook. Vandaar nu een mailtje met mijn thuis-email.
Hierbij nogmaals een foto van mij: Foto is in 2000 genomen (plusminus) in Urk (of all places)

Groetjes, peace and be wild
kat van trollebol

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Rosalie Beerendonk - Netherlands (2004)

Hi Ruud,

Here's my self portrait taken in 2004.

Rosalie Beerendonk
The Netherlands

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Keith Buchholz - USA (2008)

Ruud - Here's a recent photo for the Portrait Gallery.

Also...Watch your mailbox - I think there's a FLUXUS headed your way.....

Keith A. Buchholz FLUXUS/ST.LOUIS

John Parkes - Australia (2007)

Hello Ruud

Your self portrait idea is a good one. Yes, to see faces that belong to blogs in cyberspace is good. The problem that seems to have arisen is that 'self portrait' has a very specific meaning and that is most of the reason the project is challenging,

Personally, any image of me that is intended as a self portrait will be created by my own hand...

here's to all the new SELF portraits... have a go, mate!

with thanks


ps the attached image is from August 2007 and was done using 'photobooth' (mac)

Matty Jankowski - USA (1990)

Luc Fierens - Belgium (1985)

Johnny Jane - USA (2005)

Johnny Jane (2005)

Hi Ruud. From the "Venus Envy" series also posted at The Mirror Project.

Bon Chances.

David F. Brandon (1972)

Bearded david in 1972

Henning Mittendorf - Germany (1990)

Hans-Ruedi Fricker - Switzerland (1986)

Klaus Groh, Germany (1990)

Litsa Spathi - Greece (1961)

Ruud Janssen - Netherlands (1965)

Marcello Diotalievi - Italy (1989)

Kim Il Jung - Germany (1985)

Private World - USA (1993)

Sonja van der Burg, Netherlands (1985)

Photo taken of Sonja van Der Burg at the Afzet's exhibitions at Schottenburgh (1985) in Amsterdam. Photo by Ruud Janssen.

R.E. Watington - USA (1990)

Ruud Janssen - Netherlands (1992)

Ruud Janssen. An old photo I found, which is taken back in 1992.

Thierry Tiller - Belgium (1986)

Photographed at the first DNC-Mail-Art Congress in Eeklo, Belgium.

Graf Haufen - Germany (1986)

Graf Haufen, Germany. Doing a performance in Eeklo Belgium. Photo by Ruud Janssen

Laura Ray, USA (2007)

Name: Laura Ray
Country: USA
Here I am in Nikko Park, Japan with the only monkey I could find. I died my hair in Shanghai, China.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Eszter Lang - Hungary (2008)

Dear Ruud, I send my photo for your project Mail Art Portraits.
With best regards:

James Hill - USA (1990)

James Hill in front of his TCAB Studios in San Francisco, USA (1990)

Shozo Shimamoto - Japan (1990)

Photo taken by Ruud Janssen in Koeln, 1990 (during Netrun Performance)

Guy Bleus - Belgium (1985)

Dick Higgins - USA (1998)

Photo by Roy Arenella, USA

Dame Mailarta - Canada (2007)

Here's a self portrait for your site.
Taken in July 2007,
Studio J "Mail Room" Victoria, BC
Many Thanks MAILARTA--
Mailarta Studio J

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Yeong T. Son - USA (2008)

name: Yeong T, Son country: Bronx, NJ, USA have a nice day

Denis Charmot - France (2008)

Here my portrait
Denis Charmot

Nous n' héritons pas de la terre de nos parents, nous l' empruntons à nos enfants.
Léopold Sédar Senghor

Guido Vermeulen - Belgium (2008)

Dag Ruud,

In bijlage een foto voor je mailartselfportrait blog.

Groetjes aan Litsa,


Dale Roberts - Canada (2007)

Photo taken 2007,
Victoria, British Columbia,

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Angela Phalle - Germany (2007)

Angela (known from Peter & Angela Netmails, Germany), meets Nicke de Saint in France. Photo made by Peter Küstermann.

Peter Küstermann - Germany (2007)

Dr. Küstermann askes for new mail-art....

Robert Rehfeldt - Eastern-Germany (1985)

Joseph W. Huber - Eastern-Germany (1984)

Dawn Stechschulte - USA (2008)

dawn stechschulte
(one more year left to finish my MFA at Ohio University) Athens, Ohio USA

pertaining to "wish you were here"

gushing sentiment,
more forgivable in women than in men.
(cultivating the everyday)
to love, to hate, to feel about life and not just study it; this nostalgia requires considerable effort in selecting, editing, and presenting memories.

the other day she compared
taking a photograph everyday at 10am
to the ritual activity of the catholic church, i thought that was very smart.

Michael Mollohan - USA (2008)

J. Michael Mollohan

Roland Halbritter - Germany (2008)

Roland choose to send a 'selfportrait-work' for this collection.