Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jorge Artajo - Spain (2005)

Hello Ruud:

I don’t know if I am an artist or what the heaven I am, but after seeing Billie’s portrait and many others, the idea of sending you my self-portrait it’s kind of great delight, so here you have this collage I think I could call it:
“The Thousand in Me Looking for Direction” My name is Jorge Artajo I live in Madrid and Barcelona (Spain) and the photo was taken in 2005

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Franticham - Seoul (2010)

hi Ruud

This is a picture of FRANTICHAM taken in Seoul in January 2010.
Who is Franticham???
It's Antic-Ham from Seoul and Francis Van Maele from Ireland.
This picture is a reflection of us in a TV set from Nam June Paiks'
"Fractal Turtle Ship".
It's an installation using 348 objects including television monitors, phonographs, radios, polaroid cameras, electric toasters, fish, stuffed turtles as well as broken automobile and piano parts.
Nam June Paik did this work as homage to the Korean admiral Yi Sun-Sin who used a ship in the form of a turtle in successful combats against the Japanese naval forces in the 15th century.


Dugort, Achill Island
County Mayo, Ireland


Antic-Ham - Korea (2010)

here Antic-Ham's portrait ..
taken in Seoul Korea..
celebrating new start..
happy new year..


Monday, February 15, 2010

Francis van Maele - Ireland (1969)

Hi Ruud

This is a picture from me, taken in Belgium in 1969. I was not doing mail art yet at that time.
They called us "Beatnick" then.

Francis Van Maele (Fan Mail) Ireland


Andy Geezer - UK (2005)

Hi Ruud

I just posted this up on IUOMA's self-portrait group and thought I'd send it for inclusion on the site too. Obviously the exact dates taken are not known, but it's anywhere between 1991-2005 and shows every passport photo ever taken for an ID card in that time, from the age of 11.

One year of postal fun so far...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Maura Di Giulio - Italy (2010)

Hi Ruud!
I'm new on IUOMA and I hope that soon I will be able
to make better use of this site,yet I don't know how to handle...

Monday, February 8, 2010