Sunday, October 25, 2009

E.F. Higgins - USA (2009)

Dear Ruud, Greetings,

Here it is . Good Luck w/ this Portraits Idea... I like it.



Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tiziana Baracchi - Italy (2009)

for your blog

via Cavallotti 83B

Valerie MacEwan - USA (1963)

Here is one self-portrait, but it is not my
Official Self-Portrait.
This is my Placeholder Self-Portrait To Be Displayed Until My Grandson Returns My Camera Self-Portrait.

Valerie MacEwan, USA, 1963

Monday, October 19, 2009

Anna Boschi - Italy (2009)

Dear Ruud,

here enclosed my selfportrait inspired by FLUXUS!

I hope yo are well. I am well enough too.

All the best

Anna Boschi

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Lancillotto Bellini - Italy (2009)

This is me... summer 2009...

Rod Summers - Netherlands (2009)

Tulio Restrepo - Colombia (1997)

by Tulio Restrepo

Dear Ruud Janssen.. Here I am with my Sheet Stamp as a Mail Art Networker... from 90'sA big hug & thank you...

More Self-Portraits at IUOMA

On the IUOMA Platform a Groep Self-Protraits has been created:

All IUOMA-members publish there their own portraits so you can find there a wealth on portraits that is growing every week.

John M. Bennett - USA (2008)

Photo of John M. Bennett by Nicolas Carras.

Aristotelis Triantis - Greece (2009)


Friday, October 16, 2009

Jim Hayes - USA (2002)

Ruud, this is me just before I went into rehab 2002. Jim

Ginny Lloyd - USA (1982)

Here’s an old one from 1982. Ginny Lloyd

Anne Seltzer - USA (2007)

I'm in! Loved seeing these!

Sending a painting (self portrait) completed a few years ago.


Anne Seltzer, Claremont CA USA

SA Walker - USA (1951)

SA Walker, Postmistress
Pine Cone Island Post Office (PCIPO)
(ca. 1951)

Bruno Chiarlone - Italy (2009)

Hello RUUD,

attached my selfportrait.

Bruno Chiarlone, born 1947

Cairomont - Italia

Many wishes for your project!

Bruno Chiarlone Cas. Post. 163 17014 Cairomont - ITALIA

Levi - unknown

Lace and Paper Flowers, to the Gypsy that I was