Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Michael Morrison - USA (2012)

Hi Ruud,


 My name's Michael Morrison (I go by M-Morrison) and I live in Los Angeles.

This pic was taken in 2012.

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Great blog, great idea



Monday, December 17, 2012

Sandra Simone Schmidt - Germany (2010)

Thank you for the invitation to your Mail-Art Selfportrait- Blog. Please look at the further information below. In the attachment you will find a photo of mine.



Name:Sandra Simone Schmidt

Country: Germany

Foto taken in 2010



Me and a little town’s waterfront in southwest Germany near Swiss border. The historic hydropower station shown in the background was built in 1898 and was unfortunately demolished in December 2010. This Self-portrait is in memoriam of that very special building, it was the world’s first hydropower station that produced electrical power with 50 Hz.



Best Wishes


Sandra Simone